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 In Norm's presentation you will discover:

* How changing the meaning we attach to life's events are more important than the events themselves

* How toxic relationships and emotional vampires can affect your energy level and what you can do to protect yourself

* One key question to ask yourself in order to turn any adversity into an opportunity

Norman has a diverse background inNorm_Pic_2 counselling and mental health. He is an author, speaker and former Toastmaster.

He holds a Ph.D. degree in the field of counseling, a Master NLP Practitioner designation and is the author of the book,
 "How To Really Change Your Life".

 He has appeared twice as a guest on City TV'S Breakfast Television and has been interviewed on several radio stations. 

Norm knows how to be positive in a negative world and during difficult personal circumstances.

In 1995, he was in a serious car accident and told by a specialist, "You will go from walking with a cane to a walker to a wheelchair".  He was given no hope of recovery and was told that he would be "permanently disabled".

Norm proved them wrong.  He rehabilitated himself and returned to walking, jogging and an active life.

In September 2015, as a pedestrian he was crushed between two vehicles resulting in the muscles of both legs being crushed along with a twisted pelvis.

Unable to continue his daily jogging routine, he continued to lift weights sitting on a straight bench, struggled walking with a cane and began the process of getting himself "back in the game" with the goal of not only walking but jogging again.

He enlisted the help of an osteopath (who corrected his "dragging right leg") and a massage therapist from Goderich, Ontario to assist him in his recovery.

Making progress and moving forward then came to a halt.

 On February 16, 2016, he had a stroke resulting in semi-paralysis to the left side of his body along with other complications.

He didn't focus on where he was and what had happened to him or even what his future might hold. He focused on seeing himself restored to a normal active life  and began his own home rehab program immediately.

He was scheduled to attend the Stroke Rehab and Recovery Program. He drove himself there, walked in and asked,"Is this the stroke rehab and recovery program? I'm Norman Barlow".

One of the staff looked at him and replied, "We don't see people like you walking in here!"

Norm stayed for a couple of hours for some testing... walked out and never went back!

His talks are humourous, entertaining and insightful.












"Turn your scars into stars"
-Robert H. Schuller


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